Papa's Freezeria To Go! Examine App

Jeu parfait

Serie de papa ´s parfaite !!! Je recommande vivement ce jeu !!!

Très fun!

Fan depuis le début,déjà sur Pc, je trouvais cette série de jeu addictive et très fun! Très bon jeu de gestion de temps et de simulation! Jespère voir dautres déclinaisons arriver!

Totalement addictif

Super jeu je suis complètement addict.

Superbe !

deja jy joue sur mon ordi maintenant avec mon phone et ma tablette Je trouve quil est addict pour linstant jai un score ou je suis 1e pour les jours, dans la semaine 3e Donc voila il est genial et pas chère

Je suis fan !!❤❤

Ce jeu est fun . Le jeu sur Pc était bien mais cette version mobile est juste géniale . Moi perso je suis au jour 77 et je suis addict . Une chose à améliorer cest un peu la même chose au bout des jours qui défile mais cela reste varier dans les choix pour les glaces. Cest vraiment top sur liPod .

Je suis fan

Jai connu ce jeu sur mon pc sur le pc il y a plus de améliorations jaimerai avoir les mêmes sur les Jeux sur smartphone

Très bon mais ..

Le jeux est vraiment cool et amusant mais jaimerais que vous mettez les pâtes , les cupcakes , les tacos et toute les autres svp :) je serais prête à toute les payer !!!!


Bonjours je me demandais si vous pouviez mettre tout les jeux quil y a de papa freezeria cupcake ria , pastarai en tout cas se serait très apprécié et bonne fin de journée


I LOVE it but I wanna get the new update!!!!!!!

Completement accro!

Je suis tellement contente de mon achat! Je suis super contente car lapp marche sans wi-fi donc pratique dans lauto etc. Voilà je vous la recommande!



New iPhones Support

add support for iPhone X (S, S Max, R)

Nostalgic but flawed

It’s a great game but the port to mobile makes it a little too simplified. I’d really like it if it had a difficulty setting where more than 6 customers per day could show up with more variety to what they order. I’m around day 26 and everyone still comes in ordering 99% of the time a medium sized, medium blended shake with the same old things they always get.

Really like it

I love to play this on my laptop in middle school then I got a iTunes card for my birthday and this was like the first thing I bought. I play it a lot and I’m on day 58😂but I really don’t like the new (newer) update. I get really confused bc u can’t move the tickets how u like. Can u change it back to when u can customize the lobby and not have to have the tickets in order pls and thx❤️

It’s good

It’s good for it’s price one thing all the costumers come at bad times and it is hard for me to concentrate on the game, thank you

Great Game!

I love the papa’s games please make them all for iPad hd versions I will be buying them and playing non stop

Awesome game

This game is so awesome everyone give 5stars they earned it

Love this game!

I love these games but I wish you had all of them in the App Store and if you do have all of them available in the App Store will you please let everyone know if we can no longer play the game due to update and etc. Thanks.

amazing game but...



I love this game. I used to play it on the computer all the time. I wish there was more things to buy at the shop and you could put the decorations where you want, like the computer version. Once you buy everything and unlock all the flavors/toppings the game is boring


To be honest,I don’t like the phone version of this game, it’s very not well done and nothing like the desktop version or the iPad version of this game too.It really stresses me out because I always remember playing this on my iPad and now I was always used to knowing where all the buttons were on and on the phone version it’s way different and I always mess up my orders and I have to do them twice or even three times,I don’t know if I have the older version of the game or it’s just purposely like that

Love it but..

Absolutely love this game. Only complain is that i wish it was HD

good, but...

this is a really great game and i have a lot of fun playing it, however it needs more! i have already bought everything available and it’s getting pretty dull not being able to do anything new. i suggest adding more flavors and toppings and more ways to decorate!

Takes me back to my childhood

I used to play freezeria so much when I was in middle school. Now as an adult I tried to play it again on my laptop and it lagged and then I discovered this wonderful game was made into an app! I was so happy when I saw it and I’ve been playing it nonstop. The only thing I am disappointed with is the fact that you can’t play through the holidays in this version. One of the best parts of all the papa’s games is playing through the different holidays and seasons, and being able to decorate your lobby accordingly. I’ve already bought every upgrade and every lobby decoration available and now it’s like why am I still getting paid if there’s no shop to spend the money anymore? Other than that it’s still a great game and I’m so thankful for the app version!! No lag or issues so far!

I need support iphone X screen

Hey ... I played this game before 5 years in my computer, so I purchase it yesterday, and surprised it doesn’t support iphone X screen so right now i am very sad 😢💔 I want it immediately please ❤️ Thank you so much ...

I use to love this game

I use to play this game all the time on the computer and when I found out they had an app, I was really excited. I still like the game but the computer version is better. The computer has more items you can purchase and you can decorate your own store. The items you buy not only help your waiting score, but they can help your topping score too. You even have to be strategic in how long you leave an item in the shop as decoration, because overtime it loses its value. I’m assuming they had to scale down because it’s a phone. Still like the game just wish the number of customers increased more frequently to make the game more challenging.

Great! Just needs some updates

It's a great game for $1, and I have a lot of fun playing it because it's easier to get 100% on everything than the other games. However, I would seriously really appreciate some sort of update so that I could buy some more items. Or maybe add mini games like in the other Papas games. I dunno, it just gets pretty repetitive after a while

It’s a good game but...

I am playing this on a iPad mini 4 and the game is cropped in a smaller form factor then my actual screen size and the graphics are terrible it looks very pixelated.

Great game!!

I’ve played this game since it has came out! It’s such a fun time passerby game and it can be challenging for younger kids I imagine. I would suggest adding more things to buy, I have everything bought that’s including the ice cream machine! I would also suggest bringing out more whip cream I’m tired of the same 2 so far.


Its 2018 and these are like 2010 graphics. It ruins the game they havent updated in a year its just bleh plah on yhe computer im very mad i wasted my money on this trash game i expected quality and they NEED TO UPDATE if they updated it i would 100% play im dissapointed

Fun game but....

I bought everything really quick and now there aren’t any other things to buy

iPhone X

Make this work on iPhone X!!!!

needs improvement

the game is fun at first, but it becomes very repetitive very quickly. instead of just getting new flavors, new challenges should be introduced. basically, it just needs something to spice things up a little bit.

THIS IS AWESOME but we need more shop items!

This game is great but it needs more things in the shop!

Best game


Great game, but one fatal problem.

It’s an amazingly designed game, but the order ticket is always in the exact same place on the screen. This sounds irrelevant, but if I play it for too long it BURNS THE TICKET INTO MY SCREEN. It goes away after a while, but I’m scared that if I play it for too long it’ll become permanent. Other than that, it’s a great game. Just a shame that it potentially damages my screen.

I LOVE IT buuuut

This game is very fun and amazing... I am currently at rank 60 and I am addicted to this game. However, one problem I have with this game is that it says I unlocked all the whipped creams, but there are still 3 blank slots in the whipped cream machine? Why!?!?!???? It’s okay but still dissapoitning and made me upset


I love these. It’s kind of hard to swipe through screens, but it’s a great app.


(too small on screen and not up to date)

Best game ever

This is by far the best game on my phone. I have previously played it on my laptop and I always wondered if it would be more fun on my phone. When I received a $10 App Store gift card I immediately downloaded this game along with papas Hot Doggeria. This is the only good cooking game I have come across because you actually make and customize the freezes along with serving them and receiving realistic feedback in the desserts. The best part about papas Freezeria is that you can play it without using data or on wifi!!

Iphone X

I want a new update por iphone X

iPhone X support

Needs to be updated to support the screen of the iPhone X

Increase customers

I’m on level 31 and the customers want the same thing over and over again I suggest, we should be able to change our characters looks and clothing like on the computer and maybe our customers can increase when we get on higher levels because I always get 6 customers

Best game ever

I love all the Papa’s games! Specially Papa’s freezeria and Papa’s Sushiria. This app is amazing, very fun and it doesnt need mobile data, so its perfect for when you are bored out of your house! Love it. I agree to add more things to buy and more flavors and stuff!

Very much worth the money!

Grindy but not too grindy, with unlocks to keep you interested. The only thing I’d recommend is making it so that if you get none of a topping on a smoothie it doesn’t count as a topping (to forgive wrong taps a little) and add more things to spend money on. Otherwise, it’s the perfect app to kill time on!

Freezeria review

The game is really easy to control, it doesn’t really lag. I haven’t seen any ads which is good because I get tired of seeing ads. This game would be 5 stars but instead of having only 6 orders to make , the more we advance on the rank level the more orders we have to do. That way it makes it a little more challenging and more fun.

New Game Idea

Uh pancakeria needs to be added...

Bad quality

Fun game, the quality kinda suxx and is hard to play on an iPhone 8

an og fav

gotta love it. obv the graphics are not as good as on a computer but i mean the game is 😁

In love with this game!!!!

This game is so fun and amazing!!!! Maybe add some mini games!!!!!


More in the shop,and a cheesaria!!please!I already have 4K 💵!

Fun & Addicting

This game is super fun and addicting! It’s not too hard or too easy. Unlike some other cooking apps, Papa’s Freezeria To Go is simple and doesn’t have any ads. I love how you can customize the Freezeria and unlock new customers! I’m looking forward to new updates 😌


this game is AMAZING!!!!!! I would also LOVE to see bakeria!!!

Great game

This is a great game to play when your bored.It is very fun

I like it

It is not the best. I like the computer version better. And it's a little hard. That's why I give it 3 stars.


Bad graphics and glitches a lot total waste of money!🙄

Really Fun!

This game is a really fun and well developed game, but there is one thing you could add to make it better. This thing would be Holliday’s like in your other games. Please consider it!

Sound, animation, and picky customers

First, the sound is unclear and the music is annoying. Second, the animation is lazy and unprofessional. Third, the picky customers are wwwaaayyy too picky. Other wise, it’s an awesome game.🍧🍧🍧

Fun game...

This game is fun but why by it if you can play it free on a laptop


It’s suchhhh a fun gameee, and I just wanted to suggest that you add more things to buy/things to spend your money on, because I have over $1,000 and already bought everything in the shop. In addition, I own the automatic building machine (when building the sundae) and every once in a while, when it is perfect and in the green, it doesn’t say “awesome” with coins popping out, not sure if this is a bug or not. Lastly, I would also suggest that when adding whipped cream it shouldn’t go straight to the other toppings without an option to add a different whipped cream, because I accidentally tapped the cup and it poured regular whipped cream when I meant to add chocolate whipped cream so it would be nice to be able to at least add chocolate whipped cream on top.



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